10 May 2010

mycoffeeface meets Just Coffee Coop Roasters

this is a little q&a with just coffee coop

mcf: the justcoffee.coop site has tons of information already...anything new to add that isn't on site yet?

jc: We all had a great weekend! Matt Early, one of the guys who founded Just Coffee is from Kentucky, and had his annual Derby party on saturday. Mint juleps, good times...

mcf: who puts the blends together?

jc: We do it by committee. Usually we have some idea of what we want and the committee will try a bunch of variations, then bring the 3 or 4 favorites to the whole company, and then we vote on it. A very democratic process, even if it does get a little heated at times! Usually we are working with one of our artist friends to develop a label, and then bam! new blend!
 face: matt early

mcf: how did you get a url without .com?

jc: We are a worker owned cooperative, so we qualify to have the .coop url

mcf:who drinks the most coffee, and how much is that approximately in one day at justcoffee.coop? 

jc: It is hard to say, everyone drinks coffee all day. No one is a crazy caffeine addict or whatever you might imagine at a roasterie. I mean we are always around it, and can't necessarily sleep at will, but we don't have a problem or anything.

face: ben

mcf: really delivered by bike?

jc: Damn, got us there. We use a Tricycle that we picked up in Mexico a few years ago. We use it for our deliveries in the city of Madison. Madison is pretty small, so its not like delivering all over Chicago or NYC. We use it for all of our cafe, restaurant, and grocery store deliveries, wich we do on routes 3 days a week. The trike is outfitted with a 8 speed hub and disc brake. I think the chainring is 18 tooth, real small at least, so we can really load it up. We can carry right around 225 pounds at a time.

 faces: francis and sue

mcf:is the "coffeeface" becoming a "movement"??? tell about the contest on your site...

jc: It's a great idea, how could we resist? Now through the end of the month we are asking for submissions of photos of people drinking their favorite Just Coffee in their favorite place, with a couple of really cool prizes for the winner. Check out the rules here: JUSTCOFFEE CONTEST Maybe we can partner up with mycoffeeface to decide the ultimate winner!

 face: chris
faces: mark and the boys
face: julia
location: la fem

face: matt and the geekest brew ever
face: dave