05 April 2010

mycoffeeface meets hip as i wanna be

face: jennifer gerlock

coffee: unnamed in a really nicely striped cup

location: baltimore/washington, d.c.

some q & a with jennifer and mycoffeeface:

mcf: when and why did you start hip as i wanna be?

jg: hip as i wanna be started over a year ago. after blogging for various businesses and newspapers, i figured, i should actually start a blog for myself!

mcf: is it a mommy blog?

jg: if the fact that i have a blog, and i am a woman who has children makes me a mommy blogger then, i guess technically it is a mommy blog. i personally prefer the term "digital mom".

mcf: can writing a blog help get your mojo back(it says you're trying to do that on your site)?

jg: definitely. blogging is such a creative outlet. it helps you rediscover yourself-your passions, your likes, dislikes and interests. plus it holds you accountable, you know?

mcf: you were recently part of an article in the new york times...thoughts? 

jg: i was not happy with the way that the new york times article portrayed the women attending that conference.  i felt that the piece was a bit condescending, especially the title and graphics accompanying the article.  i mean, REALLY?! was that necessary? 

mcf: how often do you blog? 

jg: i blog 5-7 times a week at hip as i wanna be. i also blog for the washington times and for my company bring it to fruition whew! that is a lot of blogging.  maybe i should take a nap?

mcf: where do you see your site in the next 3 years? 

jg: oh holy hell!  who knows?  in all seriousness, i’d like to focus more on fashion and beauty and maybe interviewing women who inspire me.  blogging brings so many unique opportunities with it, i honestly can’t wait to see what will happen next!

mcf: any advice for other "digital moms"? 

jg: use your blog to find yourself.  search out other like minded women/moms and find a tribe.  i’ve been fortunate to meet so many amazing women online that i know i can call true friends.  also – laugh a lot!  whatever you do, don’t take blogging too seriously!

mcf: thanks!

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