09 April 2010

mycoffeeface manifesto pt.1

about two months ago an idea that wasn't even an idea became an idea: mycoffeeface
then, really quickly,  mycoffeeface became another idea: mycoffeeface.com
and now here we are. a whole lotta faces have been posted, a whole lotta coffee has been ground up, brewed up and then consumed....in sometimes alarming quantities.

so now at mycoffeeface.com there are some regular "editions". the "mycoffeeface artist on tuesday edition", the "twitter and mycoffeeface edition", the "mycoffeeface meets-____ edition", etc. and believe me, there are a whole bunch of other "ideas" in the works including road trips, video segments, visits to roasteries, artists galleries and anywhere else we can think of.

no, there is no "about mycoffeeface.com" as some people have inquired. and there might never be one because it's still just an "idea"...

what is happening, and will continue to happen as long as friends are gettin their faces on, is a meeting place where every morning, or at least most mornings, a new mycoffeeface will be posted. and we can all learn together about interesting people, artists, musicians, coffee roasters, bicyclists, bloggers and anyone else we can find that is, well, interesting.

this caffeinated, rambling manifesto has been brought to you by a highly caffeinated mycoffeeface, thanks to some fine beans from justcoffeecoop.

thanks everybody(and i really can't believe there have been nearly 3000 of you in 6 weeks) for visiting, participating in and making this happen. it's a lot of fun, and as long as that's the case, i'll be here, and i hope you'll be too.


tony black

p.s. if you haven't figured it out, it's not just about coffee and yes, it has been around since before there was an internet.