13 April 2010

jennifer mathis : mycoffeeface artists on tuesday edition

face: jennifer mathis

coffee: large, very large, almost a bowl with a handle

location: texas

jennifer mathis - painter,  sculptor, cartoonist.

in the words of jennifer, from her blog:

"I am an architect.
I am a painter, a sculptor, a cartoonist.
I’m not chronologically young, but I’m a “young artist.”
I am an autodidactic kitschmonger.

I live in Houston, with my husband, two cats, a dog, and an awesomely supportive local art and Twitter community."
-Jennifer Mathis

these are twitter avatars created by jennifer
but do check out her site, there's a lot of other styles and mediums...and she has one of the cooler url's ever: www.jenxer.com
and of course....she's on twitter @jenxer